Please Note Our Clinic Has Moved To: 3311 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver Westside Podiatry Clinic

About Strut

Strut Orthotics provides state of the art custom foot orthotics for people who are proactive and want to stay physically active and healthy for a lifetime.

We are mobile!

Strut Orthotics’ most unique feature is that it is mobile. All the equipment to provide custom foot orthotics is brought on and off site. Our digital scanner captures the non-weight bearing neutral position of the foot, in the same way a casting does. Every aspect of the process is computerized, thus paperless.

Strut Orthotics can operate in various locations. We can also come to workplaces, peoples’ homes, movie sets, festivals…the sky’s the limit…to facilitate convenience for very busy people. There is a ‘per-location’ visit fee for this service —call us at 604.736.1910 for more information.


Strut Orthotics is located at Westside Podiatry Clinic, 3311 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver.

Dr. Sue Turner has provided podiatric medical care in the Vancouver community for 24 years and specializes in biomechanics and making custom foot orthotics.

Why Strut?
Our physical health hugely impacts our quality of life. When we’re healthy we have energy to take life on and fulfill on what really matters to us. When we thrive, the people around us and the planet thrives too.

Who is Strut?
Dr. Sue Turner, your singing podiatrist, has provided podiatric medical care in the Vancouver community for 24 years. She is highly regarded as a specialist in biomechanics and provider of custom foot orthotics.

How is Strut Unique?
We take an integrated approach to diagnosis and treatment. The feet are assessed in the context of their connection to the rest of the body. A comprehensive treatment plan is given which considers knee, hip, back and gait factors. The body has a history that we pay attention to.

Where is Strut?
Strut is located at Westside Podiatry Clinic in the heart of Kitsilano. Skilled practitioners are consulted who can assess and treat from different perspectives (in house and in the surrounding community).

Who is Strut for?
We measure our success on your success. And we understand having a busy lifestyle sometimes keeps us from doing the things we need to take care of our bodies. Let us help you take the first step towards better health, and create confidence in your ability to take on life’s challenges. We are committed to getting you the results you want, and provide the highest level of professional medical care with committed follow-up.