Please Note Our Clinic Has Moved To: 3311 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver Westside Podiatry Clinic

Why see a podiatrist?

Podiatrists are medically trained specialists. We have a broad medical understanding of the body combined with specific skills related to feet, including surgery, biomechanics, orthotics, wound care and general foot care. Podiatrists are the most qualified health care specialist to assess, diagnose and treat foot problems that may or may not involve using custom foot orthotics as a treatment.

Insurance companies consistently recognize podiatrists with medical doctors as approved prescribers and, therefore, accept our prescriptions. Also, they often will approve orthotics only made with the  non-weight bearing cast/scan method developed and practiced by podiatrists.

Podiatrists provide:
• An accurate diagnosis based on thorough biomechanical assessment
• A prescription that is specific and reflects the diagnosis
• A cast/scan method that is the gold standard in the orthotics business
• The use of professional labs that fabricate the devices to the highest quality
• Follow-up and troubleshooting of any problems that may arise from using orthotics